Do You Know Everything About Sensitive Skin? Let's Explore!

Do You Know Everything About Sensitive Skin? Let's Explore!

Think you're an expert on sensitive skin? Well, get ready for a reality check. Even if you believe you've got it all figured out, read on, because there are common misconceptions about sensitive skin that might surprise you. Dr. Maria Teresa Lavurà, a dermatologist at MaGi Studi Medici, is here to debunk these myths.


1. Dry skin is equivalent to sensitive skin

Not quite. Dry skin and sensitive skin are different. Dry skin lacks water, leading to issues like peeling, itching, and inflammation. On the other hand, sensitive skin reacts to things like strong cleansers, resulting in sensations of itching or burning.


2. Dry skin can turn into sensitive skin

Yes, it can happen. When dry skin loses water a lot, it can become sensitive.


3. Individuals with sensitive skin should avoid the sun

They can enjoy the sun but need caution. Sunscreen is a must, especially for those with sensitive skin. Avoid the sun at its strongest and reapply sunscreen regularly.


4. Sensitive skin guarantees acne

Not necessarily. Sensitive skin and acne aren't always linked. While acne treatments can sometimes induce skin sensitivity, it's not a rule.

5. Sensitive skin is the same as skin with rosacea

No, they are different. Rosacea and skin with seborrheic dermatitis may heighten skin sensitivity, but they aren’t the same as having sensitive skin.

With these misconceptions circulating, it's important to pick the right cream for your face.

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