We have spent many years researching the best ingredients to bring back the natural beauty of sensitive
and dehydrated skin. The solution came from an unexpected place: the sea.

Our Story

Our research took us to the northern part of Brittany in France, known for a diverse marine ecosystem. The Bréhat Archipelago is like an underwater Amazon. The convergence of warm currents from the Gulf of Mexico and cold currents from the North Sea creates exceptionally pure water, fostering the growth of 'extremophile' plants that thrive in extreme conditions, absorbing essential nutrients from the waterand sand.

From these organisms, we have extracted ingredients rich in precious nutrients, effectively addressing skin irritations and dryness, providing relief, elasticity, and immediate hydration.

Our Philosophy

We believe in crafting natural, hypoallergenic, effective, and safe formulas, free from artificial colors, paraffin, mineral oils, SLES, SLS, artificial fragrances, petroleum, DEA, alcohol, BHA, BHT, silicones, and animal ingredients.

Our marine ingredients are sustainably sourced from extremophile plants in the Bréhat Archipelago, with a commitment to preserving its biodiversity.

Collaboration with Plastic Bank for a Cleaner Sea

In gratitude for the ocean's riches, we care for its waters and shores. Every day, we commit to respecting and protecting the environment. That is why we support the Plastic Bank project, which helps remove over 500,000 plastic bottles from the ocean each year.